Five Mommy Minutes

Five Mommy Minutes

You have 5 quiet minutes and all you can think about is the laundry that needs to be flipped, the dinner that needs to be made, and homework help that needs to get done.

Nope, Mom, this 5 is for YOU!

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how we can use those 5 minutes to our advantage, so here are 5 ways below.


Whether you are sitting on the couch while the kids do their homework or are able to find a quiet peaceful moment alone, meditation can happen anywhere.

The body scan is one of my favorite meditations. You literally breathe and bring awareness to every part of your body. Head to toe. It’s that easy but take it slow.

Escape to the quietest place in your home (I know it’s hard) and close the door.

Sit in a comfortable seat, either on the floor or in a chair

Set a timer on your phone, don’t forget to pick out a relaxing alarm tone.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel your breath and your heartbeat slow down.

Continue breath and bring awareness to each part of your body beginning with your head and ending with your toes.

Take 3 deep breaths and get back to your mommy-duties

5-minute face mask

You don’t need to break the bank (or the clock) for a little self-care.

Next time you’re at Target, pick up your favorite cucumber, rose water, or oatmeal mask for your next 5 minute mask moment.

All out of store-bought? Make your own!

Mix ½ tablespoon of coffee grinds and 1 teaspoon of raw honey in a bowl. Slowly add more honey for a thinner, more liquidy paste.

Apply only under the eyes using a small fan brush and let sit for 5 (or up to 10 minutes if you have it)

Rinse with warm water and watch that under-eye puffiness fade away with every use.

Escape to a book

You know that book! The one that you sit down within bed as you settle in for the night, and without fail, fall asleep 2 pages in because, well, let’s face it, being a mom is exhausting!

You bought that book for a reason, Mom, so why not take some time for it?

Take your mid-day five to escape into the world of your new favorite characters.

5-minute audiobook

Haven’t found the time to buy a book? No biggie. Audible is great for free five-minute listens.

Looking for a daily mantra? Meditations? Trying to take control of your life? There are audiobooks for it all!

Don’t think a “five-minute lesson” is enough? Find your favorite True Crime podcast, or whatever interests you, and tune in for 5 minutes a day.

Five Minute Feelings

We’ve all said it to our kids at some point when they’re fighting. Write down your feelings.

Well guess what, it works for us

Moms too.

Get yourself a journal. One that you actually enjoy and will want to write in--not your kid’s extra composition book.

Take 5 minutes to clear your mind. Jot down what is stressing you, bothering you, or giving you life. Reflect on the previous day. Write down the funny stories of what your kids say and do while you’re buzzing around during the day.

This could be a fun memento to look back on in a few years and remember some of the toughest, and most fun times of your life.

Enjoy your 5 minutes, Mamas.

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