About Us

Dear Mom,

You are a superhero.  You juggle the responsibilities of raising kids, holding down work, keeping up on the house, being a partner, a neighbor, and a mother.  You are incredible--and I applaud you.

You look out for everyone, putting each of your responsibilities to others before those for yourself.  You are gracious, kind, giving, nurturing, and loving.

But what about you?   Where is your time? Where is your care?

Motherhood is a wonderful job, but often a thankless one.  To give our best, we must BE our best. We must practice self-care.

I know what you’re thinking… “I’m way too busy for that, I don’t have time for self-care.”

Ladies...listen very carefully...I promise you can do it.

And you deserve it.

Five minutes each day. That’s all we need to give ourselves a refresh. You will return to your families to provide the standard of love and care we hold ourselves to.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shalena; I am a mother of five beautiful children, a wife to my incredible husband, and an entrepreneur of two businesses.  Life will never slow down.

Shortly after becoming a mother of five, I felt like my life was in shambles...I could feel my state of personal well-being slipping away.  As many of us do, I learned my lesson the hard way.  After two months, when I was too exhausted and too limp to move, I finally sat down with a cup of coffee and remembered the golden words of my mother, “Gimmie 5 minutes.” 

As kids, when Mom said “Gimmie 5 Minutes,” we all knew what it meant.  She would step away and take a moment to herself.  After that break, my mother would come back to us fully present, fresh, and rejuvenated.  Inspired by this simple thought, I formed the company, “Gimmie 5 Minutes,” to promote the idea of self-love and how it changes the balance of the whole family. 

For all women who, like me, are working hard raising their family, performing highly at their workplaces, or juggling both...I see you.

And you deserve your Five Minutes! 

I look forward to sharing with you these gifts, treats, and nuggets of thought to help you create that special, necessary time to care for yourself. That way we may all continue to grow as strong mothers.

I believe we, as a community of women, need to lift each other, applaud each other’s efforts, and encourage one another to find some time to care for ourselves, because our wellbeing is worth the 5 minutes. 

Together we will learn to create time for ourselves. Celebrate our wins.  Support one another.

Welcome to the family. I’m excited to grow this community together.

Because moms, we need a break.

With love,