Mom needs Bedtime Routine

Mom needs Bedtime Routine

The kids are off to school and you’re finally sitting down with your Mama Roast to catch your breath and start your day.

By now, you’ve gotten the kids into a pretty seamless nighttime routine to ensure a tear-free morning. Pick out clothes, pack lunches. 30 minutes of wind-down iPad time.

But what about you, mom? We spend our nights worrying about daily stressors; “Is the kids’ homework done? Is the baby sleeping okay?” I think it’s safe to say that lack of sleep is one of the parents’ greatest challenges.

Mom’s nighttime routine is just as important as the kiddos’. After all, we’re shooting for no tears, right?

Nighttime routines are a dual purpose: wind down the day and prepare for the next.

After the dishes are done from dinner, pour a cup of tea or glass of wine and start getting ready for tomorrow.

Prepare to be Caffeinated

Every good morning starts with a cup of coffee. If you're anything like me, I cannot be spoken to before my first sip. Just 5 quiet minutes with my coffee to get my head straight and prepare for the day. Set yourself (and anyone who crosses your morning mama path) up for success by preparing your Mama Roast at night time. Fill your filter, cold brew maker, or reusable k-cup holder with the recommended amount of Mama Roast before you settle down for the night.

Morning Mama will thank you.

Get Organized

As moms, we have plenty of schedules to keep in order. Calendars for every child, school year, and more. Take 5 minutes each night with a notepad and pen (yup, skipping the virtual iPhone notes that disappear into the cloud) to prepare for a power Mama day.

Sit at the freshly clean kitchen table and map out your game plan. Drop-offs, work, house cleaning, phone calls. Anything that might pop up on your agenda, plan for the night before. By mapping out a to-do list and keeping it on hand throughout the day, you’ll begin to feel more in control of the daily happenings and find your mind at ease

Dim the lights

Low lighting is proven to help the body slow down, from mind to heart.

Put on a family movie or grab your favorite book and enjoy the comfy space on the couch while you decompress from the day.

Say ‘I Love You.”

The kids are tucked in, the house is growing quiet, and you finally have time to look around and be grateful for the life you have built.

Take a deep breath.

Send your kiddos to bed with a kiss and some love.

Enjoy time with your partner and thank them for being part of your village.

Take another deep breath for you, mom. Place your hands on your heart and show yourself some love. Thank yourself for being the best Mama you can be. Your kiddos look up to you. And you are shining for them.

Care for yourself tonight, don’t forget the coffee, and start tomorrow with a brand new Mama routine.

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